16 years of experience

About Darius Gilbert

Darius Gilbert is a nationally known strength trainer who works with young athletes to help them achieve maximum athleticism, health, and peak-performance within their chosen sport. Darius believes that age-appropriate, load-bearing protocols centered around the use of the kettlebell is an antidote to sedentary modern culture. In 2012 he founded Dynamic Sport Performance, located in Old Town Alexandria, because he loves to take high-level information and place it into an easy to understand message that helps young people feel great, move well, and achieve their dreams.

As a young athlete growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, Darius was a top performer and still holds the records as the all-time scoring leader in basketball and football at Episcopal High School where he was inducted into the hall of fame. He later went on to play football at The University of Virginia. Darius regularly leads workshops attended by doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and coaches from across the country. He is a Master RKC leader within the Dragon Door organization and collaborates with trainers from professional sports teams including the Philadelphia 76ers, L.A. Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

FMS Level 1
TRX Certified
Master R.K.C.

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